Monday, September 17, 2012

the people.

People come and go, but true friends will stay. Sadly for me, the few closest friends are gone. :( what sucks is that they all left in two weeks (I hope I did my math right). Ashley left on 31st of august, my brother on the 7th of september and Chia Li on the 8th of september.


to Ashley,

I don't know where to start. You've been my best friend since we were 8. Or 7, I can't remember. My memory is failing me hahaha. But yeah, ahem. Basically all my life you lived a stone's throw away. I could just ask you to go to the karaoke, or go out and watch movies at Jusco, or go out for supper and have maggi mee goreng. But now that you're in sg, I'll just have to wait till you come back for these things to happen again :( Sad. Mel is sad. :( :( :(

I hope you're doing well there. If Rene and gang weren't there, I'd be worried about you. But since she lives right next door, and she's like a big sister figure, I'm sure you will be fine. Just don't cry missing me too much ok! :x

I'm glad I met you in sri garden 13 years ago. Yes I'm damn sure we were in the same std 1 class. 1 Dahlia right? If we haven't met, our moms wouldn't have had us carpooled. We wouldn't have been the best of friends. We wouldn't have shared so many experiences together. The failures, the successes, the heartbreaks, the drama. I'm grateful I met you. Thanks for being the sister I never could've asked for.

Oh god look at us. LOL. This was when we were in year 8 I think? I still remember you switched from 8 Terra to 8 Aqua for me <3 SO TOUCHED :')

My infamous lightbulb hair.


Our last few photobooth shots in cempaka :(


And then we started to experiment with make up..


Until we look so FABULOUS today! :x I miss my long hair :(

Yeah the first two pictures are small. Unglam pics must be small.

I know as asians we hardly express our love to friends and family, but I guess I should start. I love you, sis! 

to Chia Li,

Since 2 and a half years ago, you have been my shopping kaki, camho kaki, chick flick movie kaki, experiment new restaurants kaki, kpop spazzing kaki, study kaki, travel kaki, etc kaki.

Now you're all the way in China.

Boo :(

It's really a sad thought, you know. To have no one to do things with. All of you being away from me, I feel so sad laaaa T_T

But okay back to the topic. Thank you for always being there for me, for always looking out for me. I'm sorry if I, as a friend, failed to express my gratitude while you were still here in Msia. but I'm doing it now, and I hope it's better late than never. 

I know China is a whole new environment. For one, it's going to be damn freaking cold in winter hahah. Plus china food is damn oily and they will never be as awesome as the ones we have here! I know it's hard to be away from home. Heck I was away from home for 10 days and I broke down. Mind you, my parents were still with me LOL. Pathetic. Okay anyways. I'm sure you'll be fine. I know you're stronger than I am lol. Make sure you make good friends. There will be people who will use you for the benefits and just heck care you when they've accomplished whatever it is they wanted done. Just be aware of them and not let them take advantage of you. :) And then there are the genuine ones. Like me. HAHAH self praise much. So yeah, all the best to you and I hope you make good friends! Sorry to say you'll never make awesome ones because one of them is in UK and 3 of them are still in Msia. :P

One of our MANY camho pics lol. Yes it's a KitKat, stop staring.

The most awesome people you'll ever meet. :P We love you!

to my LITTLE brother,

In my 20 years of life, I've never felt so empty at home. when I walk past your room and see how empty it is, I feel empty too. Back then I could just bust into your room and ask if you have new movies. Or go in and sit, just to be nosy lol. Or I'd buy you food from outside and make you fat. And when I'm overseas, I'd buy you stuff (using the allowance mom gave me). Yes I know it's not my OWN money but I could've spent that amount on myself instead of you. So it's the thought that counts :P

I remember for a period of time in my life, I shut everyone in my family out, including you. I'm sorry if I haven't been a good example back then. Up to this very day I still regret the things I did and didn't do. I hope it's still not too late for me to start being a good sister now. 

They say you won't cherish until you lose. It's true. Only when the reality that you're leaving hit me, that I started to cherish your presence. Often times we may just lock ourselves in our own rooms, but the fact that I KNOW you're just right next door is different from now. Right now, across my room is an empty one. Omg why am I getting so emo.

Take care of yourself in UK, okay? Do well in your studies, but most importantly do well in life. Make tons of friends. The good ones. Join whatever clubs and societies. Do sports. Eat healthy. Sleep well. Bla bla bla lol.

I know I have never really been there for you. But i am now. If you ever miss home, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm just a skype call away. Or even a whatsapp message away. :) I'm not mom and dad, I won't nag at you. So don't worry :D 

Mom and dad said we should cherish each other because you're my only real brother and I'm your only real sister. Okay. so I cherish you okay? So you cherish me toooooo

Just take care of yourself and don't do drugs!

I miss my long hair! :(

The family that loves you :)

to all three of you,

I miss you and I love you all. :')

Okay bye -end of cheesy post-

the past.

i don't know why these few days i've been reminiscing. i kept thinking about the past, both good and bad. maybe it's because my life currently is so damn boring that i have to spice it up a little by thinking about the drama and whatnot that has happened to me... gosh i'm so pathetic. :(

few things i realised:

1. you can never really count on someone to treat you the way they do for the rest of your lives.
2. people change. circumstances change. feelings, too.
3. what may seem bad before is really actually a blessing in disguise.
4. what's meant to be will be.
5. you can't force others to like you, neither can you force yourself to like others.
6. when guys get too clingy, that's when girls save their own asses and back out.
7. guys, please don't be too clingy. it freaks the hell out of us.
8. i don't know where this list is going..
9. i think i have lost the spice in my online/texting format. i sound so damn boring without the smileys and emoticons now..  .___.
10. i think i was a damn good blogger. i'm referring to my old blog. if you're interested :D
11. oh i realised i was a socially awkward penguin all my life.
12. i wanna be the cool kid :(
13. nah just kidding. i am cool.
14. as you can see, i went back to type informally again (without capitalization and stuff). don't judge me! So I painstakingly edited my recent post with this kind of typing again. I'm so fickle minded LOL.

to add to the list,
15. i think i was hideous. and i think i look better with the help of make up now. :) thanks to xiaxue! she inspired me to use false eyelashes lol. okay bye.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Korea continued.

Day 4.

Woljeongsa Temple.

Nothing much here lah. Just went in to pray and take pictures. The view outside of the temple was very serene though :)

The well which EVERYONE drank water from. Those who didn't dare just washed their hands hahah.

Kiasu malaysians. :x No matter what must use the water in some way LOL.

The lake outside the temple.

And.. this is me. On 2 second self timer mode. I actually made it okay!

Camwhore in the bus!

Next up was sheep feeding and ATV ride.

Omg I tell you, sheep stink. Literally. They are so damn smelly!! But I guess after getting used to it, your nose kinda dies on you. So it wasn't so bad after awhile.

Me with my half-scared face haha.

These are lambs btw. And boy, are they aggressive. They even bit on the red colour spoon thingy! The ranch owner doesn't feed them meh? Why are they like so hungry? D:

On the other side were rams and ewes. Didn't bother to go there cuz they don't look cute at all LOL. #discrimination.

This is my favourite. So cute right! :D

The poor sheep that was supposedly for riding purposes D: Sigh, the things people do for money.

The husky who refused to come out no matter what LOL.

After that we had lunch!

More cabbage... when will this be over! :(

We were supposed to go to this water park near our resort after lunch. So the tour guide let us check in first, change into swimming suits, and go.

BUT. I didn't bring any swimming suit and Chia Li with only her bikini.. we decided to stay in the hotel.

Not a bad idea though! Cuz the hotel is FAB. It's massive and it's so pretty omg. The best stay in my Korea trip.

Alpensia Holiday Inn Ski Resort :D I'd definitely come here again!

Then we went to GS Mart to buy some food. Tried this spaghetti ramen thing and it was surprisingly good for instant noodles!

Dinner was AWESOME. Pan fried pork omgomgomgomg. FINALLY, a meal without a mount full of cabbage.

The room. NICE RIGHT.

Day 5.

Woke up in the morning to this..

Tonkatsu and Udon.. in Korea? LOL. So Japanese. Kind of not used to having oily food in the morning despite the fact that I love fried stuff.

Next day, Lotte World!

Our trip there was seriously wasted. It was raining so all outdoor rides were closed. We didn't even get to go outdoors! :( Only stayed indoors. Chia Li, again, being the adventurous one, went to play the pirate ship thing. And I, again, was helping them jaga their bags.

Didn't do much lah. I wanna come here again :(

Bibimbap for lunch. No egg, no hot stone. BLEH.

The one in Da Sa Rang is much better! They added this korean pancake for us though. That was the best pancake ever! Too bad we didn't take any pictures cuz I started eating once I saw it :x

The only ride I dared to go on. :(

Flavoured dry ice haha. We ordered rainbow passion because.. it's only 19 kcal!

After Lotte World, we headed to Dongdaemun! It's like shopping heaven. HEAVEN. It's so awesome I just wanna buy ALL the clothes there! T__T I wanna go back T_____T Didn't take pics cuz we were given a time limit to shop there. And there were 4 buildings with a total of 1000+ shops. CRAZY! We only shopped in one building. And spent most of our time on one floor lol. Fail shoppers. D:

Damn tensed lor. It was like playing Diner Dash or something.

We were supposed to meet up at the bus at 6.10pm. We got there at 6pm, thinking that we'd be early. BUT to our surprise, EVERYONE in the bus was waiting for us. -__- They were all like "Waaa finally come back already" lol wth. Mad paiseh.

Revitalizing dinner after much shopping (for Chia Li and I)!

Ginseng chicken soup that amazingly.. has no ginseng taste. In fact, it barely had any taste. Super bland. I added lots of salt and pepper into it LOL.

Bought this at Everland. Cute? :)

Our hotel was Best Western Premier Guro Hotel. It's located really near this place with a lot of clothes shops. Too bad we didn't go. We were really tired every time we reach our hotel lol.

Can't find a picture of the hotel though. -__- But the room was really nice.

Day 6.

Breakfast was.. Chinese food! I was freaking excited once I heard that from the tour guide. Like finally, after so many days of Korean food, I get to eat Chinese food.

I was expecting dim sum or something like that lah.

But this...

This was not what I expected.

The char kuey was super hard. And cold. And everything else was.. vege. I dunno lah. I've never had this kind of Chinese food before lol. The only two things I ate from there were the char kuey and egg.

Camwhore in the bus! :D

Next stop, Ginseng Shop. Damn boring wei. The aunties and uncles were buying stuff while we just went to kay poh a bit and went to stand at a corner. Sad life haha.

Chia Li and I both hate the ginseng taste. This stupid tour guide kept on asking us to drink the ginseng tea that they offered -.- Really sia, his attitude is so uncle-ish.

After that was kimchi making session. Which was just 2 floors down.

Note to self: never EVER wear an apron. Makes me look fatter than I already am.

The lady boss will keep those kimchi we made and give them to those welfare homes. At least our free labour was worth it!

Hanbok! All the hanboks there were really pretty :)

The two other girls we hung out with throughout the trip.

And.. the one thing that we've been waiting for. JSM Cosmetic Duty Free Shop!!

Didn't take pics, again, cuz we were busy shopping :D

Bought lotsa random stuff. Laneige there is really cheap! I bought the water sleeping mask for RM60 only.

Outside the shop.

Headed for lunch after that at Noryangjin Seafood Market :)

Mussel and crab soup. (creds: Ee Cheng)

Huge crabs! (creds: Ee Cheng)

Went to this HD-1 shop. Something like cordyceps and ginseng kind lah. It helps the liver.

AGAIN, the tour guide made us try the drink. Tasted like super diluted coffee. BLEGHHH.

FINALLY, after all the nonsense shop visits (ginseng & HD-1) we were heading to Myeongdong!

Bought lots and lots of masks and cosmetics here :D And souvenirs. At the end of the day, I was super low on cash. :(

Dubokki. Basically, flour with sauce.

Dinner was on our own expense. I was so sick of Korean food so we went for Japanese food. Chia Li had ramen and I had curry rice :D

End of day 6.

Day 7.

The day we had to go back. :(

First stop was snow tubing. We were asked to wear super thick clothes and pants. Pants that didn't even fit us properly. The pants that Chia Li and I had were too loose for us -.- kinda happy though cuz it made me feel thin HAHA #delusional.

No make up that day cuz we want our plane ride to be comfy :D

Christmas in June?

Lunch was... Korean bak kut teh! It was really nice. Almost finished all of the broth :D

Creds: Ee Cheng

After lunch was souvenir buying time. Nothing much in the shop. They hired lotsa China women. Their attitude was horrible, seriously.

Went to the airport after that and after 7 hours of horrible neck aches, we were back in Malaysia. :) It was good to be home.

Overall, Korea was a fun trip. Thanks to Chia Li for being an awesome travel partner, always punctual and not the kind who has no time management haha. Thanks for the food pics too! XD

I'd definitely go to Korea again. :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hot hot summer!

Day 2.

Right after having our buffet style breakfast at Ocean Suites, we headed for our morning exercise.

Yay! Let's climb this freaking mountain!

The scenery in Jeju is picturesque. Must visit again!

Me being all confident that we, being young people, should be able to conquer this mountain.

So we climbed and climbed. I was already half giving up when we reached the foot of the mountain. LOL. I know my stamina is very low. But I can't entirely blame it on myself. It's the shoes' fault too!!

Regardless, we didn't give up. We continued walking and began to climb up numerous flights of stairs. It seemed endless, really.

I think this rock looks like a girl's head, from the side. The leaves being the hair and the rocky part is her face.

Anyways, this was where we gave up. Only halfway up the mountain.

On our way back down, I even saw old aunties and uncles climbing up. Pro!

But I guess it was a good thing that we gave up. Cuz we still had time to go to the other side, with better scenery apparently! HAH.

Sea view :)

My pictures aren't doing this place justice :( The scenery is really much more greenish and sunny-ish than this.

So, after that we went to this place where the drama All In was filmed. Neither of us knew anything about that drama, hence that place meant nothing more than just another scenic site for us to take pictures.

Taken in the bus, on our way to the filming site. The water in Jeju is really clear!

And we arrived.

Taken from Chia Li's.

I didn't bother to take pics of the site. Just a place with houses and a normal looking church. Went to the cliff area to take pics instead :) As you can see, the rocks in Jeju are black in colour. It's because the island was once formed due to volcanic eruptions.

I'm so informative right LOL :D

If you attempt to take a piece of those rocks back, you'd be caught and fined. LOL. Apparently the machine, the thing that people have to walk through during the bag scanning, can detect if you have Jeju rocks with you LOL.

More black rocks!

Yeah, censored face. I looked damn yong sui.

See the people at the shore? Chia Li and I wanted to go there too. We were walking halfway and I saw tiny lil things moving around the rocks. They looked like freaking leeches! Not sure if they really were leeches though, but just looking at so many things crawling around the rocks was enough to make me run back. -_-

Next stop, Tangerine Farm! And also known as the place where they very very very enthusiastically sold orange flavoured chocolates. Buy 5 free 1 some more.

Fake tangerines, real tree.

Real tangerine tree with no fruits.

It's not the season yet so there aren't any fruits. I think the lady boss there hung fake tangerines for picture-taking purposes =.= lame.

Lunch! Pork and lettuce.. Okay, honestly I don't know if those are lettuce or cabbage leaves. Or they may both be mixed together -_-

After that we went to the folk village, where everything is ancient. As in, really really old. Didn't take pictures either cuz I was too lazy.

Then we went for horse riding! Obviously I can't take pics right. I was on a horse. Honestly I felt bad for the horses lol. Mine was a female. A mother, to be exact. Her little pony kept on following us! So cute :D

Riding on a horse seriously hurt my ass. Especially when it started to gallop. Wonder if it'd be more painful for guys LOL.

Nextttt, we went to the seaside to take pictures of/with a rock that supposedly looks like a dragon head. It didn't look like anything to me >_> don't know if it's my lack of imagination or what. But it really just looked like... a piece of rock.

Like dragon meh?

We were already bored after stoning there for 2 minutes max. So we went to the shops area and snacked.

Sausage covered in a THICK layer of flour. It was nice though :)

They brought us to the Mysterious Road before dinner. The tour guide told us that on the stretch of road, the bus would roll uphill, with the engine turned off. I was like so freaking amazed by that story and really wanted to experiment (eg see water rolling upwards). I thought the road would be like a 30 degree slope, at least.

Turned out to be a freaking almost-flat road =.= it looked super flat okay. Not even uphill or downhill. NO HILL even. The tour guide was like "You see how that side of the road is higher right? Right right?" =.= it looked kinda flat to me though.

With a road that's almost flat, of course it's easy for optical illusions to happen lah. Potong.

So, again, no pictures cuz it didn't amaze me enough.


Right outside the restaurant was a beach!

Nanta show. It's similar to Stomp.

It was an enjoyable show. :) Full of comedy too. I especially love how the casts interact with the audience.

Day 3.

Back to Seoul. Have to ride on the plane again. After this trip, I started to have an immense fear of plane rides. Hate turbulence!! :(

Sadly our flight kena delayed because of the fog in Jeju. So we bummed around the airport for around 2 hours I think. As time was wasted, we had to decide to either tapao lunch and have it on the bus, or sacrifice at least an hour of our time in Yongin Everland.

Being sporting visitors, everyone agreed to having lunch in the bus! :) Luckily no one in our group was like the rich tai tai kind, who complains about everything. Everyone was friendly and nice. :)

Everland's entrance. White haired guy dress in white was the tour guide.

First was some 4D show thingy. I think Korea's 4D stuff are mehhhh lol. Universal Studios' is better lol.

Then we went to.. the Safari! It was a really sunny day and thank God for air conditioned safari bus. Amazingly the bus didn't stink at all. Massive improvement! 10 years ago, the bus didn't even have glass windows, only bars. Like as if you were the animal instead. -_-

As it was mating season, the animals were super horny. LOL.

The horny lion got up as it saw our bus approaching.


The real deal.

This white tiger got up and started to model for us LOL. Vain or what!

Husband: Lion. Wife: Tiger.

Offspring: Liger.

Underage bears!! D:

Either they're young adults (LOL) or their size is really that small.

Went to the Rose Garden next! Don't know why it's called rose. No rose also.
Nevertheless, it's a beautiful garden! :)

See the roller coaster tracks behind? It's this freaking crazy coaster ride that drops from a super high point. Chia Li had the guts to go for that. Not me though .__.

Flowers, flowers, and more flowers.

After that Chia Li, and some of the youngsters in our group went for the roller coaster. I was her bag caretaker LOL.

This ride.. it just spins and spins and spins. We call it the washing machine. Picture taken from Ee Cheng.

We were bumming around after buying souvenirs there, and decided to just sit and wait for time to pass. This Korean couple came up to us and asked us to help them take a polaroid shot. As gratitude, they gave us one too :)


The place where we were sitting at.

It was NOT even windy that day and I had my scarf wrapped around me like some idiot. Not because I was vain or whatever okay. I was eating freaking chocolate ice cream -_- it melted and dripped so quickly I didn't even notice. Messy eater. Damn unglam. :(

Dinner! Very delicious herbal chicken soup :) ya, must emphasize.

And our hotel was freaking creepy. Pale green bedsheets, with florescent lights. HATE florescent lights in hotels. :( Makes things 10000000 times creepier. Not only that, the hotel was in such a remote place. No shop lots beside it.. Nothing.

It's called Hotel Inter-Burgo. No pics because the Googled images look so much nicer than the real thing -.-

K. Blog next time!